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2012 super smash bros tournament

We do not all need to exchange codes ok. i just need all of your codes then when i host 2 people will join ok? then you add each other if you want. then you begin with these rules Ok so ive decided how my tournament will work i will accept 35 people to participate in this tournament the first 35 people. if you are able to help me i may be able to expand this to 45 people. Rules- No hacking No spamming ex: if you were using fox and continued to spam his kick without letting go you would be kicked out Also if you do not fight when at the temple and are just standing around doing nothing you will forfeit Characters allowed and not allowed- Every character is allowed yes meta knight is allowed Stages- Final destination,battlefield,corneria,lylat cruise,smashville,bride of eldin,shadow moses island,pokemon stadium melee, pokemon stadium 2, yoshis island melee, yoshis island,luigis mansion,castle siege,green hill zone,brinstar,temple, summit,delfino plaza Banned stages- Norfair,frigate openi